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Starkiller (hoth) Vest
I am currently struggling to come up with a way to make the Vest (abdominal leather armor) that looks really good.

Yes, I can make the Vest out of Black cloth and Faux leather, with clips in the back, and it would be done.

But...I am not really happy with that look.

I have seen other pics with starkiller costume, where his Vest looks more like hard leather. It is quite beautiful with its very pointy middle peak, and its sleek lines, and its connection pieces in the back.

I was thinking of using Worbla and Craft Foam for the shell, and then covering it in Faux Leather.

My problem is, how to get the armor on and off, as the Worbla frame would then be hard plastic forming 80% around the body.

1 Solution to this problem I was thinking was putting a hinge in the front of the armor so it would be able to open like a book, to allow me to get inside of it, but I am not sure how that would end up functioning and/or looking.

Does anyone have any other ideas of building materials to use, or how I could make this work better, for the hard leather look and feel?

If I can't come up with a better way to build this, then I am probably going to settle for the soft leather look, to get it done, until I can figure out a better way to achieve the hard leather look.

This I can do, but I am not really happy with this look: databank.501st.com/mw501/images/0/0e/Starkiller_Hoth_Vest.jpg

This I can do, but is not very impressive to me:

This is what I would like to make instead:
Bearbeitet von Yankee71 am 07.02.2016 um 13:08

Would a vest like this made of Worbla, be flexible enough to get this on and off, or would it not work is my question.

Hi Yankee!

Even though everyone on here is willing to help you with your costume, i think that you're better off with asking the folks in your designated detachment, The Flagship Eclipse.

I'm sure we're having some experts on Starkiller costumes on this forum but you're more likely to find help over at the Flagship Eclipse page.

ok thanks, I will go bug those folks lol

It's not that you're bugging anyone on here, it's just that they are more aware of topics this specific Smile
Just a figure of speech, I wasn't meaning anything bad lol

I have applied to that page, still waiting to be allowed in, so I can then make an introduction post, and then I will have to wait for that to get read, before they allow me to post anything else.

It is a bit frustrating, sitting on my hands and waiting, but what are you going to do lol. I don't want to waste time or money on the wrong stuff, so I have no choice but to sit and wait to get approved to that page lol.

There is a post on that page that shows the gauntlet gloves I need for my costume, of course they didn't post what they are called or where they found them, so yeah a bit frustrating to see what I need, but no way to get it at the moment lol.

You're not bugging anyone here Grin
This is just the German Garrison Public Forum and there are several detachments, depending on the costume you want to build. Those detachment boards are focused on a small range of costumes and so they have much more input about one special costume.
Here is an overview of the different detachments and their costumes:


It may be, that somebody here buildt a starkiller before, but in the Flagship Eclipse detachment there were dozens of builds Wink


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