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WIP Starkiller: Dark Lord's Armor (hoth)
My Lightsaber has finally arrived, and the company also had a Raffle, and I won a 2nd saber as well.
Now Just a few more coats of paint on the claws, and I will be done.


Lesson leaner painting the claws, I went 3 coats metallic (too sparkly), then 3 coats chrome (looked more like I wanted), then put 1 coat clear lack, and the chrome turned into gray mushroom soup color. So waiting for that to dry, so I can start again with the Chrome lol.

Yankee71 schrieb:

Lesson leaner painting the claws, I went 3 coats metallic (too sparkly), then 3 coats chrome (looked more like I wanted), then put 1 coat clear lack, and the chrome turned into gray mushroom soup color. So waiting for that to dry, so I can start again with the Chrome lol.

A lot of coats Smile Show us some pictures mate Smile

Congrats to your two lightsabers, they look great.

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Surprise - 10% Smile
They are hanging off of string through the ring parts in the garden atm, really hoping it doesn't rain!
The Zollamt has released my Red Day blade, that was marked as damaged for the last 5 days, still no word on if it was really damaged and how bad or little it was damaged.
I will probably let the claws dry for 24 hours (in the house), and then on Thursday, I will put on the entire Costumes, with Lightsaber, (with or without the Red day blade), and take my photos for submission.
Been an interesting journey, I will have my fingers crossed (or as you say in Germany Druchen die Daumen) that my work is good enough for the German Garrison of the 501st!

I will call my costume 99% finished, That last 1% is the approval or disapproval! lol

Good luck for the approvalSmile

TK/TI/DZ - 10706

Animated ARC Trooper Hammer- in progress
Well here you go K@nne, still to wet to bring inside, have to give them another hour or two to dry before I can bring them inside. But you wanted pics, so they are hanging outside on a line, held apart from each other by clothes pins. My wife will probably not be happy with her new "Chrome" clothes pins lol.

This has been a very frustrating build, because the CRL is wrong or missing information on so many points.

I have been bringing up things that are wrong in the CRL with the people that run the Expanded Universe costumes. They said that they may want to have pics of my costume, or parts of my costume, when and if they fix the CRL for this costume, so I guess that is a good thing?

Half of the parts of the costume are not even listed in the CRL, the CRL is missing descriptions of half the costume.

Missing Items description for the costume are:
Hair Braid
Cables for the right arm
Belt Buckle

Then you have Items in The CRL that are wrong:
It says red tinted visor for the helmet, but it is a dark tinted visor not red.
The Vest in the CRL is made of 7 strips of leather, when its only supposed to be 5 strips.
The CRL has the skirt in 4 pieces, but its supposed to be 3 pieces
The shoulder armor is not right in the CRL, but mine is as per the characters look.
Level 1 Certification for trophy hilts, gives no description
Level 2 Certification list a Saber, that I can not find in any picture of this character, in game or in advertisement pics.
Then there are 3 different ways he is seen wearing his trophy hilts, and again the CRL has it wrong and backwards.

It has been very frustrating with a Wrong, Broken, and missing CRL and only 1 Person in the Expanded Universe giving me any comments. But I really love this costume lol.

If I did not love this costume so much, I would not have seen all these problems with the CRL lol

I am just worried my costume will be judgeg off of a CRL that is not screen accurate!

I should probably just shut up, submit my pics, and wait for an answer, and then worry about it if I don't get approved lol

Include the reference pictures that you are using when you apply. That should help with the things were your build is different to the CRL. Worst case scenario is that the CRL needs to be rewritten before you can be approved.

- Jawa (DZ30779), Imperial Bridge Crew (IC30779)
Last package arrived today after being stuck in customs for 6 days, and being marked "Damaged".
Post office delivered it today with the story that it got caught in one of the sorting machines, looked like a tank ran over it a few times.
Then the kicker, I had to pay the custom charges, before I could see if the Day Blade was destroyed or not.
Customs tape wrapped all over the box and all over the Day blade inside, once I removed all the Customs tape, I could not find a scratch anywhere on it.
So perfect condition, even with the box looking like it went through a meat grinder.


In preparation for my costume submission, I am going to go piece by piece through the costume.
When different than the CRL, I will show 3 pics: Reference, CRL, My Items.
When it is similar as the CRL, I will show 2 pics: CRL, My Items.
When they are exactly the same, I will not show any pics.
I will also try and give a description, or correct differences, where possible.

Helmet: CRL and mine are exactally the same, purchaced by MyWickedArmor.com (No Pic needed CRL is perfect)

CRL Description: -Red tinted eye lens
CRL Description Correction Suggestion: -Dark tinted eye lens


Padawan Braid (Hair Braid)

Not listed in the CRL as an Item of the costume (only seen in full body picture in CRL)

Possible Description: - Blonde hair, Roughly 30 in (76 cm) long, separated by 5 sections of black tubing.


Neck Sleeve or Balaclava:

Not listed as an item in the CRL

I will be wearing a Black Balaclava with my costume.

I cannot tell what, if anything the full body pic in the CRL is wearing.

Possible description: Neck Sleeve or Balaclava is worn, no skin visible in the neck area.

Spine Armor:

Not listed in the CRL

Would not fit with the CRL current Upper armor shown.

I plan to do this with my costume in the future.

Suggestion: Maybe this should be a Level 3 Certification for the Upper Armor?

Possible Description: -Narrow metal plate armor, covering the lower neck and upper back area of the spine, situated between the collar pieces.
-Rectangular in shape, consisting of 2 rows, of 5 square boxes.


Upper Armor:

CRL's triangular center box is too large.
CRL's upper armor collar plates are not formed for the proper sized center box to fit correctly.


Under Suit:

Same as per the description requirements of the CRL
The part that looks different is covered by the Vest, so is of no concern.


Gauntlet Gloves:

Not listed as an item in the CRL.
Seen only as part of the Under Suit or in the full body view.
No description in the CRL

Possible Description:
-Black Gloves in a length that reaches 2/3 the way up the lower arm.
-Gloves are made out of Black Leather (or leather-like material).
-The arm of the glove has 3 thicker padded sections, each separated by stitching
-Each padded area is covered by a leather band, ending with a snap/button with an open space between the snap/buttons.
-The open space between the snaps, faces the out side of the body.


Right Arm Cables / Right Gauntlet Glove:

Not listed in the CRL as an Item
Seen only in the Undersuit and full body pics in the CRL
No description in the CRL
I cannot tell the actual color of the cables, sometimes they appear Clear, Silver, or Black, depending on the reference pic.

Possible Description:
- 3 cables (or thin hoses) are mounted on the right arm.
- Color of the cables can be Clear, Silver, or Black.
- Cables run close along the arm.
- Mounting points on the Right Glove: Top of the Wrist between the 1st pair of snaps
Bottom of the 1st leather band are 2 points (inner and outer)
Bottom of the 2nd leather band is 1 point
- Mounting points on the Right Arm: 1 point just above and just below the elbow, on the inside of the arm.
- Cables run: 1st: Runs from the top of the wrist to the outer point on the 1st leather band.
2nd: Runs from the 1st leather band inner point to the point just under the elbow.
3rd: Runs from the 2nd leather band to the point just above the elbow.



Not listed in the CRL as an item.
Seen only in the CRL in the Full body pics.
No description in the CRL.
The reference pics are longer than those seen in the CRL.

Possible Description:
- 8 Claws, metallic in color,
- Worn on all fingers and thumbs, except for the ring fingers.
- Index finger and middle finger claws are longer than those of the thumb and little finger claws.



Reference Pics differ from CRL

In addition to the description in the CRL, I would suggest saying: -The Vest is made out of 5 Parts or strips.


Trophy Hilts:

Level 1 Cert:
CRL has a very Vague description.
No number of sabers to be worn.
No Type of sabers to be worn.
I took this to mean any 5-6 saber hilts as trophy's would qualify for Level 1 Cert.

In the Reference pics you only ever see 5 Trophy Hilts.
Always the same 5 hilts, just sometimes those on his right leg and back side are in a different order.
His left leg is always the same 2 hilts.
Sometimes his combat saber is in his hand, sometimes it is hanging off his belt in front of his right leg.
In the top reference pic all the Trophy hilts are hanging down off of snap links. Vader and Mauls sabers in front of his right leg.
In the middle Reference pic there is no hilt in front of his right leg, The sabers appear to be hanging off of Covertec wheels, not links.
In the Bottom Reference pic Darth Maul and Darth Vader sabers are hanging laterally on his back side, with the emitters facing left, the rest appear to be using covertec wheels..

The CRL Limits us to mounting the lightsabers with "Metal snap links",
I would argue Covertec Wheels were also an option.
Most pics look like covertec Wheels are being used, with only a few Pics showing the "Metal snap links".
The CRL also shows the Vader Maul emitters facing right, not left.
I would suggest 2 different options for hanging the sabers, and several different orders.

Level 2 Cert:
The CRL has 6 specific sabers listed.
I know that he fights Shaak Ti in the game.
I can find no reference pic anywhere showing Shaak Ti hilt hanging off his belt.
I would suggest that the are only 5 Trophy hilts, plus his combat hilt he sometimes wears on his belt, not 6 trophy hilts plus his combat saber.
I would suggest removing the Shaak Ti hilt from the Level 2 Cert, unless someone can find a reference to it somewhere, because I cant.

I am going for Level 1 Cert at this time.
I have 6 random sabers, even though I believe the number to only be 5.
I also have his combat saber. I planned on hanging off my right leg, with a covertec wheel, when it is not in my hand.

I will be going for the Level 2 Cert in the near future.
I would rather not have to make the Shaak Ti Hilt, if it is not actually part of the costume.
If it is part of the costume, then I have no problem making it.


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