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WIP Starkiller: Dark Lord's Armor (hoth)
Just putting this here for now as a bookmark.

Stuff has been ordered.
Waiting on delivery, so I can get started.
Nothing else to do, but search for more stuff I need online.
My neighbor told me, his brother just got a new 3D printer for €50,000.00 and is dying to try it out on stuff. So far he has only built a spoiler for his car.
So my neighbor is asking his brother if he wants to make some parts of my costume for me, waiting to hear back from my neighbor.

P.S. The model in my profile pic, is showing my current status in my WIP.
I love your profile pic. Can´t wait to see the progress.

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I think I put this in the wrong area, I am guessing this was supposed to be in the expanded Universe section?

If an Admin could move it, that would be great!

Ok, moved.
Please can you customize your signiture? Just the Status of the whole costume is good enough.
Thank you;-)

GMO German Garrison
Started abdominal armor measurements.
Working on 4th trophy Hilt.
Boots ordered.
Still looking for a reasonable custom gauntlet glove maker.
1st custom gauntlet glove maker was asking $190 per glove, $380 for a pair + $30 shipping.
I may have to just make my own gauntlet gloves, if all the custom makers are this expensive!

Well, that's a wellknown problem to me. Customized gloves are often that expensive.
Good job so far. Curious how you're coming along.

Jango Fett AOTC Arena 100%, working to acheive notorious/infamous level
Well I ordered a Pair of Black Leather Gauntlet Gloves for €50.00, and I will make it work! lol

I have been looking for something to fill the Vest (abdominal armor) with, to make it stand out more and not be lost in the soft black on soft black of the costume.
I wander through many stores, looking for things, that I could use in the building of my costume.
Today I was at a hardware store, and when I saw the Linoleum, it gave me an idea.
I am thinking of cutting the Linoleum out in the shape of the armor strips, cover it in Faux Leather, and sew it altogether, so the Vest will have a more solid look to it, like it looks in the video games and screenshots.
I still have to ask my local tailor if she is willing to do the sewing, or if I have to find someone else. I am lacking in the sewing department, so I am waiting to talk to a professional, and get their opinion on what would look best and what would work.

Measuring out my fingers and thumb claws.
Just waiting for the worbla to be delivered so I can finish them.
Bearbeitet von Yankee71 am 14.02.2016 um 23:32

Taking my materials to the tailor, so she can sew it into a vest.
Taking my materials to a shoe maker, so they can turn normal gloves, into what I need.
Slowly but surely, things are coming together.

I have been really sick the last few days, and having to go to work while sick, has taken its toll on me. I have been feeling really guilty that I have not made any progress on my costume this week so far, so I am pushing myself to get a bit done on this weekend, because next weekend I have to attend a class for my physical therapy job, so next weekend I will probably get even less done.

These are the gloves I am using, before modified: Luckily I ordered XXL, because they are tight, anything smaller would not have fit my hands. maskworld.com.


My boots were delivered, still need to make the medal heels: They fit fine, but as I have rather large calves (I look great in Lederhosen Pfft ) , they are a bit tight at the top of the boot, but they fit. amazon.com.

Measuring the claws out on foam:

Cut of foam claws: (I made 2 extra fingers and 2 extra thumbs, incase I need to make more later)

My very 1st Finger claw, not painted or mounted on a ring yet:

The vest is still at the tailors, she was too busy this week so she has not even started it yet. I have decided to get the vest made soft. I am going to get the costume made per the minimum standards so it is finished and I can join the 501st. Then I will be working on improving my costume as time goes by.

Even small progress is progress, don't stress yourself on that.

How are you going to attach the claws onto your gloves?
Well I am hoping that the large shipment arrives by the end of April, So I am trying to have everything that is not in that shipment done by then.
So when it arrives, my costume will be 100%, well I will call it 99% until it gets blessed off by the people who judge it.

The large shipment will be: Helmet, Shoulder Armor, Undersuit, Belt with buckle and cod piece, and the 4 piece skirt.

Tailor should be done with the vest in another week or three.
I am making the back part of the Vest myself, and it will hold onto the vest with velcro, and give it a more real look than plastic clips holding the vest closed.

I have the Gauntlet Gloves, and I have a plan for the Arms, but it will require the tailor again, and I don't want to bug her with any more work, until she has finished the vest.

I should be done making the claws this weekend I hope. Then I have to wait for some nice weather so I can get them painted outside.

How to attach the claws to the gloves, I am not 100% sure yet what I am going to do. My 1st plan was to measure each finger and thumb they go on the glove, and make a ring in that size out of foam and worbla, and then affix the claws to the rings, as it looks in the pictures. If that is not secure enough, I was thinking of adding black velcro to the finger and the inside of the ring. If that dosen't work, then I was going to make an open ended ring, that would have to pry apart a little, to get your finger inside of it. Time will tell lol

I have 4 of 6 light sabers, 2 more should arrive next week. I am going for the minimum requirement for now of just 6 trophy lightsabers, and I will work on the specific 6 at a later time. I do have the darth vader and Darth Maul light sabers, but the other 4 specific light sabers I will fabricate at a later time. Then all that is left is buying the D-rings and securing them to the belt.

Boots I just have to make the Steel Plate for the backs and paint them, and they will be done. I will probably get the plates done this weekend as well, just wont get them painted till the weather in nicer.

OK, What do you think of this? My 1st attempt, it fits snug on finger, need other peoples opinions! It still has to be painted!

Making the Steel plates for the back of the boots.

Claws made. I wasn't 100% happy with the 1st ring, as it was a bit too thick. I am going to experiment with a thinner ring in a little bit.

Timbo Fett
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I still have to clean them up and paint them, but thanks for the comment.

I was planning on leaving the tips of the claws a bit rounded for safety reason, I don't want to be stabbing anyone with them on accident.

Cleaned up the claws, they look right, but are not as strong as I would like them to be. Looking for different building materials to use, so starting over on the claws.

Well I have decided to try and make the claws out of plexiglass, and the ring portion out of sheet aluminum, and either use rivets or very small bolts to hold it all together.

I have bought the materials, but still very sick, so I won't get anything much done till the weekend.

Vest back from the tailor, was cheaper than expected. Not 100% finished, I still need to do the back plate detailed.


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